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Solar energy projects in France and Morocco

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France | Morocco

Solar projects in the Pyrenees.

The sunniest part of Europe, the Mediterranean Pyrenees, is venue for a new, meaningful, educational and fun activity!
Join us for a week of discovery of the power of solar energy.
Learn how to make your own solar oven, and cook a delicious meal in it.
And how to share your new found knowledge with people in developing countries.
Small group activity for all ages in Vernet-les-Bains:
heavensflameplans (6K) 1) Introduction to solar energy.
2) Making a personal solar oven.
3) Recipies and cooking.
4) Excursions to Europe's first experimental solar project in Font Romeu / Mont Louis.

1 week stays in Village Catalan from June to September. Adults from 295 Euros for one week, including accommodation in village houses, instruction, excursions and materials. Children under 12 -50%

Visit our resort website and contact us here. or call France (0033) 4 6805 6571

Solar project in Morocco
Philanthropic project - help share solar cooking information with the local people of the Atlas mountains on the fringes of the Sahara. You can make a difference and enjoy 2-3 weeks of meaningful holiday. Contact us for an update on planned expeditions 2008.

  • Here is the photo report on solar cookers in Morocco December 2007, by Oli Handscomb

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    "Solar Projects" is organised by Association Destination-Pyrenees and available when pre-booked only and subject to minimum 6 participants.


    Who made this? Parabolic cooker found when walking near Tafraoute, south Morocco. Photo courtesy Oli Handscomb

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    Solar Projects is part of the non-profit assoc. Destination Pyrenees (loi 1901)
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